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Puerto Rican living in the Pacific Northwest.

Amorous recluse. You said I began this messy state of love affair. And I drink too much and smoke too fast. And this city's cleared my innocence.

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This is why Mindy Kaling is our hero. Watch the full interview here. 

enorjy said: prob inappropriate but can't tell which parent you got ur full juicy lips from lol

You’re obviously talking about my dad though because his lips are bigger than my moms….

allloveisunrequited said: Your mom is a babe!

I agree, thank you.

ddavexd said: I think you & your blog are absolutely gorgeous :)






Remember the time Terrance Howard had an outer body experience on live TV?

Looking at this I am dying right now 😂😂😂😂!!!!

Beyonce managed to kill and resurrect a man in under 10 mins…Jesus

in the third gif he was askin god for strength